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FastLab Collagen Essence Tightening Patch


“”After giving birth, I needed a solution to get rid of unwanted wrinkles, chafing, and dryness on my thighs. My husband gave me these strips as an alternative to surgery and, to my surprise, they worked! Within 3 weeks, my skin was moisturized, no longer chafing, and after 2 months, tight and wrinkle-free..”  -Solen, 45, Tel Aviv

“At only 35, my body looked like it belonged to someone in their 60s. I didn’t have time for surgery or to take a leave from work. But I found a solution! Within weeks of using this product, my skin became less ashy and more moisturized. A few months later, my wrinkles, cellulite, and sagging skin had faded away!” Soyara, 35, El Paso

What causes wrinkles?


The FastLab Collagen Essence Tightening Patch contains collagen, a much needed protein for skin rejuvenation! 

Collagen is the main ingredient and the namesake of the FastLab Collagen Essence Tightening Patch! Collagen is a naturally occurring protein found in the body and it can also be consumed in broths, animal meat products, certain vegetables and fruits, and even teas! If you have a high-collagen diet, then you won’t have to worry much about wrinkles. However, as we age, our body loses its natural collagen supply and also, our body cannot absorb much collagen as it used to, so our body needs extra help!

That’s where the FastLab Collagen Essence Tightening Patch comes in and saves you from all skin woes!

Containing a concentrated and potent mixture of collagen, the FastLab Collagen Essence Tightening Patch can:

✅ Increases skin hydration
✅ Replenishes your body’s collagen supply
✅ Tightens skin
✅ Decreases the prominence and obviousness of: Cellulite, Wrinkles, Fine Lines
✅ Naturally lifts your skin without irritation, pain, or redness
✅ Contains a gentle yet potent concentration of collagen that is safe for all skin types

Other ingredients of the FastLab Collagen Essence Tightening Patch area:

Elastin. Just like collagen, this is a naturally occurring protein that is produced by our body. It is a stretchy protein that helps certain structures of your body expand and snap back into place such as your lungs, large blood vessels, skin, ears, and cartilage. Though both Elastin and Collagen are important proteins, they are far from different; Elastin provides stretchiness to your body while Collagen maintains the skin’s structure and strength. 

Vitamin B3. Vitamin B3 or Niacinamide (Nicotinamide) is a natural skin-brightening agent by suppressing the production of melanin cells. Vitamin B3 is effective against combatting pigmentation issues such as clearing scars, treating sunburn, sun spots, and other discoloration issues. 

The Dermatologist Recommended Solution for Restoring Your Skin’s Natural Beauty 


Maya Patel, MD, FAAD (Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology)

“The Collagen Essence Tightening Patch is a safe and effective skincare solution that has been developed after two years of intensive research and development. This product is designed to deliver a potent concentration of collagen, Elastin, and Vitamin B3 directly to your skin, providing maximum benefits without any adverse effects.”

“Our research team conducted numerous trials and in-vitro studies to ensure the safety and efficacy of this product. The Collagen Essence Tightening Patch is gentle yet potent and is safe for all skin types. Its advanced technology ensures that the active ingredients are delivered directly to your skin, providing exceptional results.”

“If you’re looking for a skincare product that is backed by scientific evidence and delivers exceptional results, the Collagen Essence Tightening Patch is the perfect choice. This product can help you achieve younger-looking skin by replenishing your body’s natural collagen supply and enhancing your skin’s elasticity and brightness.”


How Anetta benefits from using the FastLab Collagen Essence Tightening Patch

Anetta is a 45-year-old bank executive who wants to look forever young. She wanted to look nice for her husband on their upcoming wedding anniversary and used the FastLab Collagen Essence Tightening Patch to make her look and feel young again! 

Before Use

”I’ve been happily married for over two decades now and I love my husband. I bought the FastLab Collagen Essence Tightening Patch to make me look young again and remove all those sagging skin I’ve had over the years without going under the knife.”

After Use

“Wow! Not only do my thighs look younger and sexier, they also feel firmer! At first, it started with hydrating my skin but not to the point where it’s super oily but moisturized enough where my legs don’t painfully rub against each other. Within just a  few weeks of use, I noticed that my skin has started to become firmer and also with that, it looked like my thighs became thinner. In about 3 weeks of use, my thighs are flawless! I love the improvement with my appearance and so did my husband!” 

How to Use


  • Wash and dry your skin with warm soap and water.
  • Take a patch 
  • Remove the protective film
  • Place a patch on your skin
  • Do not use the patch over infected, injured, healing, and open wounds/skin.


  • Ingredients: Collagen, Elastin, Vitamin B3
  • Number of Patches Per Box: 10 Patches/Pieces
  • Target Audience: Women, Men
  • Effects: Anti-Aging, Anti-Wrinkle, Skin Tightening, Skin Rejuvenation, Anti-Cellulite, Hydrating, Moisturizing, Skin Lifting 
  • FDA Approved


Verified Buyer

Could not even get one to work. It wouldn't go on without wrinkling up ,Not sure how the video shows it going on smoothly .

Musa Müller
Verified Buyer

Wow. I did not expect this to work at all (usually the case with cellulite treatments) and then a week after using it once a day, I looked in the mirror, and the cellulite was gone! I've spent tons on products over the years and had taken a hiatus of probably 10 years from cellulite reducing products, but something made me try this, and I'm so glad I did.

Avis Block
Verified Buyer

This product works wonders! I can already see a difference in my cellulite after a few days. I will definitely repurchase.

Connie Kertzmann
Verified Buyer

This product is amazing. I’m not a big fan of writing reviews but I can’t be selfish and not let other women know just how good this stuff works.. I can’t believe how this stuff can work so quickly. I will keep my cabinet stocked.

Charmira Brown
Verified Buyer

I'm a thicker woman so I didn't think this will work for me, but I decided to still try and see. The top picture is before I started using the product, in the middle picture I was only using the product about 3 to 4 times a week. After seeing that the product was working I decided to use it for a month straight, so the middle and the results of the last pictures are from using it for a whole month with no days off. I love how this is working for me, no turning back now lol.

Amber Rodriguez
Verified Buyer

This worked wonders. Saw less dimpling on my legs and my arms didn't appear as flabby as before. I will definitely be purchasing more of this!

Lisa Jones
Verified Buyer

This works very well. I had cellulite on my stomach which look very weird but I mean I had 2 kids. With the help of this and a waist trainer and working out it really tone and help with the cellulite. My stomach is looking way better and lifted. This really helps me with this area of my body.

Juliana Ampumuza
Verified Buyer

I rarely write reviews (although I rely on them tremendously when shopping online) but after doing my before and after pictures, I had to share my results. Unfortunately, we know that genetics plays a huge role in the dreaded cellulite so I was skeptical at first to try this. I've always been an avid exerciser and as age sets in (45 years young), I've realized that it's becoming harder to keep this gross cheesy stuff at bay. I'm SO glad I decided to take a chance on all of the great reviews and try this product, the picture speaks for itself! I've also increased my workouts and water intake and it made a huge difference. I still have a ways to go, but I didn't realize how far my progress was until I compared my first pic 2 months ago until now. I HIGHLY recommend it! :-)

Lauren Williams
Verified Buyer

It’s like magic! I should be a spokesperson for your company as many people as I’ve told about this product. Soooo amazing 🙏😍

Verified Buyer

Not sure about claims to help the appearance of cellulite, but it is rare to find a product that doesn't irritate my skin. This one has been great so far..So if it helps looks like cellulite- bonus!

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